Hello! We are Sarah and Laura,

A sister-led team who grew up loving all things Disney and never grew out of it! Anyone who knows us well is aware of our love for Disney movies, characters, destinations, stores - pretty much anything with the Disney name! We were lucky enough to visit Disney World several times as we were growing up, not far from it, in north Atlanta. Now as moms ourselves, we have recently experienced utter joy watching our own kids’ eyes light up in amazement and wonder on their first few trips to Orlando. 

We both always dreamed of working with Disney at some point in our lives and are thrilled to have the chance to help others plan a fantastic experience at the Happiest Place on Earth (or in Hawaii, California, on a cruise or to countless other destinations!) We don’t want to help others enjoy Disney just because it’s a job but because we want and hope for your family to love the Disney magic just as much as we do. Disney is known for having “the Disney Difference,” and we know that is a real thing! We believe that you do not need to wait to experience that difference when you step on Disney property; you can experience that magic before you even begin packing your bags. Disney is the master when it comes to customer service, going above and beyond and for anticipating the needs of their guests. We strive to align ourselves with those same standards when planning your vacation, ensuring that you will not only have a wonderful experience while at Disney, but will also be able to create, and come home with, your very own magical memories that last a lifetime.


Contact: sarah@bigadventures.us

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I was embarrassingly obsessed with The Lion King! I collected all things that had Simba’s face, stuffed animals, trading cards…it was a real thing! Aside from that 4th grade addiction, the animated version of Beauty and the Beast has always been, and will always be, near and dear to my heart!


Reading above of my love for a certain movie should make this one an easy guess! Visiting the Be Our Guest Restaurant for the first time in Magic Kingdom made my heart soar, as it felt like one of my all-time dreams had come true actually by being IN Beast’s castle! 


As a child, I was so proud of myself when I finally summoned up the courage to ride Space Mountain! And now as I mom, I cannot express how much fun it has been to watch my three children explore the wonder of Disney - and to now ride Space Mountain with my own daughter!!



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There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places that distance is even smaller.  Avatar: A Flight of Passage transports me to a “thin place”! I feel indescribably alive and yet so small while experiencing all the thrills of this Pandora ride! It is absolutely an out of this world feeling like nothing I’ve experienced before!


Rapunzel can be delicate and feminine like a classic Disney Princess, but this girl doesn’t need to be rescued by anyone! She is brave and creative and imaginative and full of hope, all while seeing the good in people! I just adore Rapunzel, and I admire her skill in wielding a cast iron skillet!


My dad and I took a daddy-daughter trip to Walt Disney World when I was 10 years old, the same year WDW was celebrating its 25th anniversary. To celebrate the big milestone the park transformed Cinderella’s castle into an extravagant birthday cake. I thought it was the absolutely coolest thing ever! Pure Disney magic!  As an adult it’s been fun to watch my own daughter experience the wonders and magic of Disney, especially when she watches the parade! I love sharing my love of Disney with my kids and know I’ll be adding more and more ‘favorite’ Disney memories with them over the years!


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